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Peace, Love & S#!t

There is a ton of s#!t out there to deal with day-to-day but that doesn’t mean you have to let it beat you. Let Peace, Love, & S#!t be your floating log, navigating down the societal river of crap, reminding you there is good in the world and doing so with lots of laughter. Join Duffman, Mr. Orange, and Mama KGB as they band together to help everyone wash off the negative, avoid the cesspools, and remain eternally p3

Black, white, yellow or brown it doesn't matter. Fact is we all s#!t, just on different toilets. SSDT is a podcast for dudes and the women who love them, that are searching for answers the the struggle of the modern man. We are trying to make ourselves and each other better fathers, sons, friends, husbands, and boyfriends. From our throne to yours come join us for the ride. 

Same S#!t, Different Toilet

Lacin' S#!t Up

On Lacin’ S#!t Up Fresh, Duffman & Erratic team up to bring you the best commentary on hip hop, sports and sneaker head culture. A fun & conversational joyride through these topics from some old heads who won’t, can't, and flat out refuse to grow up. Rookies wouldn’t have a game to play if the veterans didn’t keep it alive in the first place. Each one teach one. And so on and so on. Plug in your headphones or turn up your system and get ready to spread some cheese on these crackers 

Deep in DaOutHouse

Aspiring Zen Master, questioner of what is 'normal', & lover of deep, existential thoughts. Mr. Orange is quite the character and on Deep in DaOutHouse he invites you in for a meaningful conversation about the things that rattle around inside his head. Join him and his guest for what is surely to be the most interesting talk you hear this week.